To ensure your stay with us goes smoothly, we have answered some commonly asked questions among guests. Please look over these prior to your stay. If your questions have not been answered, please contact us via email at or by Phone: 03-62292532

How do I get into my accommodation?

Upon booking and prior to arrival you will receive an email or text from us with the CODE needed to open your key deposit safe (located at the door of the house). You will need to put in this code to unlock the deposit box that your keys have been safely stored in. This key will grant you access to your accommodation. Please ensure the key is left either back in the lockable compartment or inside the house upon departure.

How do I open my key deposit safe?

Once you have correctly put your code in, locate the black lever to the right of the keypad, and push it down whilst simultaneously pulling the key deposit door towards you.

Why doesn’t my code work? I can’t get into my house.

It’s likely you’re at the wrong address! Please check your confirmation email or text sent by us with the address of your cottage. Remember we have multiple cottages and some of them are located at other addresses.


The addresses to our cottages are as follows:

Cedar Cottages, Cedar Loft & Cinnamon Cottage:

245 Roslyn Ave, Blackmans Bay, TAS 7052

Country Cottage & Country Suite:

14 Garnett St, Blackmans Bay, TAS 7052

Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

Our business hours are between 9am-9pm daily. You can contact us via our email or via our Phone: 03-62292532

Please only call after/before hours IF it is an emergency.

Are your accommodations pet friendly?

Yes. However, pets are not on furniture at any time please. Some of our accommodations have fully fenced yards for your convenience! Please enquire for further information.

I want to extend my stay; how do I do this?

We’re glad you are enjoying yourself! Please ring us on Phone: 03-62292532 or email to see future availability!

Are your cottages secure?

Yes! We have fully fitted security cameras outside both accommodation venues to ensure you feel safe and sound during your stay!